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○ In real estate investment, it is essential to own multiple properties and hedge risk.

Our company actively purchases real estate, and we will fully support people who want freedom in retirement life securing unemployment in the future. We will provide appropriate advice according to investment stage from investment consultation by individual interview to property introduction. With assets 0 to 40, over 2 billion assets and cash flow over 120 million yen (outside business income), the president who successfully retired will interview himself. As for real estate fee also we present a special amount to investors who buy multiple real estate. For details, I will present it at the e-mail magazine or individual interview.

○ Tax support by using investment loans and second house loans at affiliated banks

At our company, we operate investment loans, manage simple lodgings, and sell properties that can be repaid for loans with that income. Also, by using second-house loans, you can rent some of the villa as rental or a simple residence, and sell properties that can be repaid for loans with that income. When using a second house loan, it is possible to receive reduction of property tax and mitigation measures of urban planning tax under certain conditions. However, as a procedure for getting preferential treatment, you need to apply to the prefectural tax office within <60 days after acquisition of the villa. Since the procedure method is different for each prefecture, please go to the prefectural tax office for consultation.

○ Please leave finance as well

In order to ensure successful real estate investment from the third building onward continuously, it depends on whether you can receive loans that can secure a yield gap of more than a certain level. Even for the same property, interest rate, loan amount, property evaluation will differ depending on the loan underwriting bank. We will find the bank with the best condition from customer’s attributes and support loans.
* In the case of real estate investment, the yield gap is the difference between the yield on the investment property and the interest on the bank loan. If the annual rent income is 4 million yen and the property price is 50 million yen, the yield will be 8%. On the other hand, if the bank finances the purchase fund for this property at an interest rate of 2%, the difference of 6% between the investment yield of 8% and the borrowing rate of 2% will be the yield gap.

○ Support tax-saving / inheritance countermeasures

We are consulting free of charge about tax saving / asset design and inheritance. We are affiliated with many experts, and in the case of more specialized content, we can introduce it at a low fee.

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