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We will pursue "short term high price" for sale at our company.

Published to Real Estate Distribution Organization (Raines)
· Published to real estate companies nationwide

By publishing to the Real Estate Distribution Organization (Raines), it will be widely disseminated to real estate companies nationwide.

The other company first said, “I want to take a fee from the buyer by selling by themselves (two-handed brokerage)”
In contrast to starting sales activities, the Company immediately register the property information requested for sale in the Real Estate Distribution Organization (Raines), and inquiries about properties from all real estate companies such as ○○ home sales and ○○ real estate We also actively respond and start marketing activities immediately.
Therefore, real estate and condominiums can be sold higher and earlier.

* It is a fact that many real estate agents do not trade “two hands” without mistakes. (Excerpts from “Real reasons and mechanism that real estate agents profit” excerpt from Mr. Tomoaki Saito) However, since “enclosure” hinders free competition, it is sold cheaply by price buying negotiated by buyer side, Seller’s interests may be impaired. Therefore, as a real estate agent, we think that we can help you maximize the profit of the seller by checking whether it is “enclosing” by inquiring about the property, investigation.

Note: “Enclosure” refers to real estate information publishing website Rainez (dedicated intermediation contract, dedicated general mediation agency contract, obligation general mediation agreement is optional) etc, without disclosing information, both hands · To get a fee from both buyers).

○ Posted on popular home sales site and popular investor site on the same day

· Public disclosure to nationwide real estate buyers

From home selling sites such as At Home · Suo · Rifle Holmes to the investor site such as Rakuten · Kenmiya, etc. will be posted for free on the site which can be sold at the highest price according to the characteristics of the property, and made public to the public.

○ We will propose the maximum selling price by our investor perspective, which is our strength.

At our company, we will make assessments that take into consideration cases of concluding nationwide, latest route value, publicly announced price, profit return method, using real estate price manual and appraisal duty etc. Therefore we will present a highly accurate amount of money analyzed from all angles. Also, after identifying the actual real estate, we will propose the amount sold by the highest selling method. The proposal of the investor’s eyes, which is our strength, is best demonstrated here. The basis for the amount sold is important. There is a big difference in profit on sale. We will do our best to make many sellers enjoy the benefits.

As clear evidence of openness and price is not only fast, we approach a lot of people, so we can eventually sell higher.

How about bulk assessment?

When you search by keywords related to real estate trading, you will often see “bulk assessment site”. This is because the operating company itself is just an advertisement distribution company, it is not assessing fair selling price, and it is not a real estate agent who acquired a license of home construction.
The entity collects many prospective customers by making full use of advertisement delivery know-how and is only a “customer list dealer” that sells this “prospective selling assessment customers” to many real estate companies that tie up in advance. In the meantime, multiple real estate companies that purchased the same list, if not requested for sale from “prospective selling assessment customers”, will purchase “prospective selling assessment customers” as “customer list selling company” Because the paid fee is wasted, we will make a high price offering competition saying “I will do my best to sell at this price!” Of course at this stage, the “sales company of prospect customer list” has already completed the work.
However, real estate companies that have raised the appraised value from other companies and received a request for sale can not sell at a selling price far apart from the actual price, so as soon as the actual sales activity is entered, the selling price is reviewed I will have no choice. The client’s plans that believed in the phrase “I will do my best to sell at this price!” Will be greatly maddened.
In other words, no matter what kind of proposal the real estate company makes, after all, the selling price of the property will be decided by agreement between the buyer and the seller, unfortunately it will not be established only by the seller’s request. That is why it is essential for real estate companies and salespeople to have high ethical standards and to provide appropriate advice at the right position.
In conclusion, “bulk assessment site” that seems convenient with catchy catch phrase does not necessarily lead to the profit of the seller and does not possess any function worthy of expectation from the very beginning.

At our company ...

The fastest way to sell an early high price is to conduct aggressive sales activities at the same time in many real estate companies.
Furthermore, our brokerage fee is significantly lower, so we can secure more seller’s takeover amount. < p>

So, at the same time, how about establishing a general mediation contract with many real estate agents at the same time?

By linking multiple companies with general brokerage, damage caused by enclosure can be prevented.
However, in the case of general mediation, we will not post it on Raines. In other words, this will hinder the aggressive ad delivery of real estate companies that have ordinary media. This is because real estate companies who have found buyers negotiate directly with the seller and do “two-handed mediation” even if advertising is costly. Also, as a matter of course, advertising expenses are not wasted, there is no obligation to post in Raines in the case of general mediation. In that sense “enclosure” is allowed.
In addition, even if you spend time on your idea, how many companies can you make an intermediation contract? Even if you include an introduction of well-known 5 to 6 companies, dealers or acquaintances who are likely to be in the region, about 10 companies are not enough. In addition, these companies will come up with various opinions on their own convenience. It is important to listen to the advice that really truly considered the client, but there are many selfish things that prioritize the profit of the merchant.
That’s why it is the best choice for the general public to use reliable real estate companies, salespeople and utilize exclusive intermediaries that can be managed centrally. From here there are thousands of real estate companies to which property information is distributed through Rains (Real Estate Distribution Organization) There are thousands of real estate companies and as soon as we register the property, advertisement distribution starts from many companies (Many clients I am surprised by the high amount of this advertisement). Of course, real estate companies that requested further exchange also will collect and report, so you can sell while thinking calmly.

Would it be better to sell to the buyer …?

When selling real estate,
· Purchaser buys real estate
· In preparation for case that seller does not sell, real estate company guarantees buying in advance
· Although options such as … Such purchasers are disadvantageous in that they purchase profits and sell them, so that they are about 70% of the market price as the purchase price .

If it ...

First of all, let’s try sales activities that aim at the upper limit of market price with many real estate companies using our system. In addition, if you can not sell by all means or there is a deadline for customers to complete the sale, let ‘s compete with the buyer to post the purchase amount and sell it to the buyer of the best condition while using our system.
Eight Steps to Sale
Please leave all to us.

Step 1 Inquiry
First of all, please do not hesitate to consult us. We will inform you of simple price assessment and brokerage fee for detached houses · land · apartment · apartment · villa based on information from customers who sent telephone · mail or free assessment form.

Step 2 Property Survey / Assessment
Check the properties that are actually requested for sale and obtain a more accurate assessed price Is calculated. We will present appropriate prices considering the past concrete cases based on the latest data · routing value · specific property of individual property.

Step 3 Determination of selling price
The customer’s preferred price and our Considering the appraised price, market trends etc, we will consult with customers and decide the selling price.

Step 4 Conclusion of an intermediation agreement
Once the sale is decided, you must sign a ” I will.

Step 5 Start of property advertisement
We promptly register the property information with Real Estate Distribution Organization (Rains) We actively respond to inquiries from the company, and encourage advertisement placement. In addition to our website homepage, we will also publish a wide range of information for general users from house specialty sites such as At Home / Suomo to specialist investment sites such as Rakuten · Ken Miyamon.

Step 6 Guide
We will surely inform you of the customer who received your inquiry. The selling professional will guide you locally, not only will you surely answer the question of the purchaser, but actively appeal.

Step 7 Conclusion
Once you have decided to purchase, you sign a sales contract. Important matter Create required documents such as description · contract. Our staff will guide you through the necessary procedures by the seller.

Step 8 Balance settlement
Delivery We will hand over the property as soon as we receive the remaining payment from the buyer. We will repay the remaining debt of the mortgage here, too. The staff in charge of our company will respond with responsive service with fine-grained service! After-sale after-sales follow-up, we will provide customers with peace of mind.

Finally, I will explain the mechanism of brokerage fee.

When purchasing real estate properties via brokerage by a real estate company,

Brokerage fee will be charged according to the price of the property.

1: Amount of 2 million yen or less → 5% of property price × 1.08

2: Amount exceeding 2 million to 4 million yen or less → (4% of property price + 20,000 yen) × 1.08

3: Amount exceeding 4 million yen → (3% of property price + 60,000 yen) x 1.08

※ Within the total of the above calculated amounts

※ Property price does not include consumption tax equivalent etc

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