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want to sell

As for sale, you can proceed by the following two methods.
We will guide you according to your request, please feel free to contact us first!

Purchase request

· I do not want to take trouble for sale
· I want to sell it without taking time
· I want to give up without disclosing information

Mediation request

· "When to ..." "While using it ..."
I want to sell under various conditions such as "○ ○ 10,000 yen ..."
· While selling requests,
I would like to consult about replacement items

Purchase request

Benefits of Polar Resort purchase system

We will purchase the property directly from the seller.
* However, please understand beforehand that it may be impossible to handle the purchase depending on the area, property.

Just the following 3 points only

① Inquiry ② Assessment · Confirm contents of purchase ③ Sign a sales contract

The following procedures and actions to be taken at the time of sale at “brokerage” are unnecessary.
■ Conclusion of intermediation agreement ■ Refresh by property cleaning and maintenance
■ Confirmation of buyers’ confirmation of the contents of the exhibition contact correspondence
※ Please consult about furniture and other indoor property outings.

No burden of administrative expenses, fixed asset tax, brokerage fee etc.

Because it is an immediate sale, the burden of administrative expenses and property tax etc. is immediate unnecessary.
Also, since it will be a sales contract with us, the burden of brokerage fee is unnecessary.

No response after sale

There is no defect warranty responsibility about trouble after sale.
(The personal warranty of warranty is not mandatory)

Available for sale without disclosing information

Public disclosure as advertisement is unnecessary.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for purchase, free assessment etc.

We also accept consultation about purchasing!

I want to know the flow of sale

"I want to sell without taking time and time" "I want to sell immediately!"
Easy and recommended for those who want to cash the villa immediately.

STEP.1 Contact Us

First of all, please do not hesitate to consult.
Consultation methods are accepted by telephone or the Internet.

STEP.2 Confirmation of assessment / purchase content

· We will post a report after assessment by our company standard.
· Various requests are accepted.
· Please understand that it may be impossible to purchase depending on the area or property.

STEP.3 Real estate sales contract · Moving

After concluding a sales contract with us, we will hand over the property.

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