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want to sell

As for sale, you can proceed by the following two methods.
We will guide you according to your request, please feel free to contact us first!

Mediation request

· "When to ..." "While using it ..."
I want to sell under various conditions such as "○ ○ 10,000 yen ..."
· While selling requests,
I would like to consult about replacement items

Purchase request

· I do not want to take trouble for sale
· I want to sell it without taking time
· I want to give up without disclosing information

Mediation request

Benefits of selling at Polar Resort

On behalf of the seller, Polar Resort will look for you (buyer) and proceed.

I want to know the flow of sale

Because it is a villa with attachment, it takes time to convince you the price of conviction ...

STEP.1 Contact Us

First of all, please do not hesitate to consult.
Consultation methods are accepted by telephone or the Internet.
※ Business holiday every week ◯ дн.

STEP.2 Property Assessment

We will assess the desired property and we will assess (sell) the selling price. Based on our abundant trading case examples and the latest data on surrounding sold properties, we discuss with customers and present appropriate price.

STEP.3 Determination of selling price

Based on the assessment and customer’s request, we will decide the customer (seller) and the selling price.
After deciding, we will conclude a mediation agreement with us.

STEP.4 Start of property advertisement

We will introduce widely to the customers who are thinking about purchasing a villa by homepage or direct mail etc.

STEP.5 Guidance

We will inform you of customers who have inquired of purchase surely. A resort professional will guide you through the site and you will be able to confirm the property of the seller. We hold open rooms, free tours, etc, and we invite visitors. ※ Depending on the area, contents etc. of the property, we may not be able to carry out.

STEP.6 Conclusion

When you receive an application from the purchase applicant, prepare necessary documents such as important matter explanation and contract.
We will support the procedures required by the seller before delivery.

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