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Condominium "I want to lend" people

In recent years, condominium villas are drawing attention due to the rise of simple accommodation / private accommodation needs.

I recommend this hotel

· Those who purchase a villa but are not frequently used

· Those who have decided to own a villa in the inheritance but who are wondering how to use it

· Those who want to invest a villa as a profitable property and invest

When actually trying to start a condominium villa, there are concerns such as “concern about the operation of a condominium complex”, “whether there is a cleaning company”, “how much profit goes out”, “what kind of people will stay” I think that will come out. Please feel free to such an owner. We are one stop, we will take all the burden of the owner!

There are such methods ① Management of properties after notification by the New Minshuto Law ② Management of properties with permission of a simple residence ③ Management of property by lending a season or monthly lease However, Karuizawa-machi, Miyota-machi etc. have their own regulations, so be careful Is required. For details, please check “Karuizawa real estate investment basic knowledge”.

Example) Flow until operation as a simple residence

1. Based on the estimated vacancy rate and profit forecast materials we created independently, we are going to show you how much you can lend at what price, how much it will cost, etc.

2. If you agree with the merit of the condominium, it is the start. Please feel free to apply for application to the government by our company. If you get permission from the administration, we will shoot pictures of indoor and other properties, will be posted on carefully selected accommodation sites including Airbnb.

※ We will block posting to the hotel site during the period the owner wants to use as a villa.

3. A reservation comes in from the borrower and there is payment to the owner. After the end of stay, it will be a flow of cleaning and current status check.

So what are the benefits of the owners? How much rental income is it? For more information

※ The inquiries before and after reservation and the settlement of accommodation fee etc are handled by the accommodation management company 24 hours 365 days in a 4 languages ​​system so the owner does not have to take troublesome measures. For example, if you ask the industry’s lowest price TH Plus Co., Ltd. to operate, 10% of the accommodation fee will be incurred separately.

※ For key delivery and cleaning, we are available separately.

We will also advise on the tips on posting to the accommodation site. Please feel free to contact us.

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