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About the handling of personal information at the real estate information site managed by “Polar resort Co., Ltd.”.

(1) Collection and use of personal information

In our management site, we collect and use personal information in the following cases.

1. Rental Property and Sale Property Information
Property information data on rental property and property for sale / purchase. (However, we do not collect personal information other than the property name and the property address)
Registration, modification, and deletion of property information are received from the owner or the administrator who receives consignment from the owner.
The property information is opened to the public on the homepage, and it is provided as information to the applicant who wants to move in and purchase applicant.

2. Inquiry of property and property request
Personal information by inquiries about the property and e-mail of property request.
Inquiries from each property and e-mails for property requests will be sent to us.
Personal information of inquiries and property request e-mails is used for providing information to customers and replying to inquiries.

3. Business talks · contract information
Information on dealings during the business of selling and buying, information on the contract, if the property is under negotiation, or when the contract is concluded, the property information is corrected and displayed as “negotiating” or “conclusion” on the website, however, We do not collect information such as date and purchaser information.
As for the closing of the rental property, we do not collect information on tenants.

4. Acquisition and use of cookie
a.About acquiring and using attribute information / action history
We use cookies to protect the privacy of our users, improve convenience, distribute advertisements, and obtain statistical data.
In addition, we utilize technology such as Cookie and JavaScript, attribute information that individuals can not identify such as age, gender, occupation, residential area among information provided during membership registration, You may get action history (accessed URL, contents, order of reference etc).
However, personal information is not included in the cookie and action history at all. In addition, we may distribute and display advertisements after identifying individuals when the user logs in and uses the service provided by our company (hereinafter referred to as this service).
In this service, in order to distribute appropriate advertisements to users, we use behavioral targeting advertisement services provided by business companies that distribute advertisements.
If you want to disable this service, please go to the opt-out page and follow the procedure. (Opting out function may not be available when accessing from mobile phone)
b. Opt out page
Yahoo Japan Corporation: Html
Guglu Corporation:

(2) Disclaimer relating to disclosure of personal information

We do not disclose personal information other than property information to third parties. However, in response to a formal disclosure request from a legal institution (court, police etc), we may disclose information without your consent. If the property owner refuses to post information on the property, please contact us directly and request to cancel the posting.

(3) Management of personal information

We carry out appropriate safety measures on the technical and organizational aspects of personal information, lost or tampered with personal information.) We will take precautionary measures concerning safety measures such as kitchen leakage and endeavor to prevent dangers.

(4) About link

On our site, we provide links to other sites to provide useful information and services. We are not responsible for the collection of personal information carried out at the linked site, so please be sure to refer to the policy on the handling of personal information at the linked site.

(5) Registration to mail magazine

The mail address you entered will be registered as a substitute for the mail magazine “Magazine ID: 0001682896”. (The e-mail newsletter will be delivered using the system of “Magumaru!”) You can cancel registered e-mail magazines from the following page. In addition, it is not registered in the official e-news magazine published by “Mugumaku!”

(6) Contact information for personal information management

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