Polar Life Haus とは

Polar Life Haus company which was born in Finland in the Northern Europe about 100 years ago.
The highest quality wooden buildings and modern design are appreciated, and each country in Europe has a high market share.
I have been loved by all over the world VIP and have won various awards of architecture.
We made such a condominium which becomes such Japan’s first Polar Life Haus in beautiful nature and air land, Karuizawa.

Warmth of sprule and comfortable triple grass all year round, bar counter, terrace which continues from sauna and shower room.

From the forest and lake country, Finland, we will offer a healing space to everyone.
Please enjoy your holiday with fine graceful hospitality at the summer resort Karuizawa.

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2 to 13 guests can stay

· Bar counter, mini bar
·Wood-burning stove
· Towels and amenities
Entrance feels warmth of the tree Sauna for 2 and 3 people Space where many windows are opened to refreshment
Rooms with high design Spacious bathroom Relaxing while watching the scenery

Reservation · charge check here
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Premium benefits have been prepared for guests staying in a condominium
<1.Hospitality service “(planned for 2019)> <2.Mini log house Cheap sale> <3.Various support by concierge>
Welcome drink, breakfast discount coupon you can use at the cafe in front of you, carefully selected amenities There is a possibility of changing service contents depending on the opening hours of the cafe ※. Why do not you construct the log house at the villa or at home with DIY? We also offer various sizes. Of course, from the beginning you can ask carpenters to make room specifications that can be used normally. We will introduce the topic spot by the concierge passed the Karuizawa certification approval, recommendation restaurant, catering, taxi company etc.
<4.Offering bicycle for rent> <5.Karuizawa Optional Experience Event Available> <6.Real estate brokerage discount benefit>
We are preparing a bicycle which is convenient for walking around Karuizawa. (From fiscal 2019) ※ Insurance fee will be charged separately We will prepare various according to the time such as Super Truya, market tour around the origin market, tennis lesson in English. (From fiscal 2019) After you stay at the condominium, we will special discount the real estate brokerage brokerage fee if you contract real estate trading at Polar Resort Co., Ltd.

Q.Please tell me about the equipment and furnishings of the condominium.

Kitchen · Bath · Toilet · Cookware · Crockery · Easy seasoning · Household appliances (microwave oven · refrigerator · air conditioner · washing machine · vacuum cleaner · dryer · massage chair) · complete with wood stove · sauna · bedding etc. We will.

Q.Are there any amenity items (shampoo / toothbrush set / towel etc)?

Yes, we have.

Q.Can I have a barbecue?

Guests staying for 2 days or more will receive it from 12 o’clock to 17 o’clock except on the checkout day. You can enjoy it on the balcony. Coleman road trip grill LXE – JII is lent out at 3,000 yen + 2 gas (2,000 yen) with tax included 5,400 yen. We have some services such as Tong, Paper Tray, Underlay, Karuizawa Designated Garbage Bag. We are asking the customer to clean up afterwards.

Q.Is there a parking space?

If it is about 4 ordinary passenger cars, it is possible to park on the premises.

Q.Can you fire a firework in front of the condominium?

Fireworks are forbidden for maintaining a peaceful surrounding environment. Moreover, annoying acts such as making loud noise are prohibited.

Q.Is it possible to accommodate pets?

Regardless of type, large and small pets are not allowed to accompany pets.

Q.Is Wifi available?

Yes, you can use it in all rooms.

Q. Please tell me the opening hours of the management office.

Our office hours are from 10: 00-16: 00.

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Surrounding facilities:
・Naka-Ozawa Station approximately 1 km
・Karuizawa Station approximately 3.7km
・Super Tsuya Karuizawa store approximately 1.9km
・Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza about 3.6 km
・Hoshino Onsen Dragonfly hot spring about 2.4 km

by car
・Total distance from Tokyo 162.6 km Time required Approximately 2 hours 30 minutes
・Total distance from Osaka 427.8 km Time required Approximately 7 hours 00 minutes
・Total distance from Kanazawa 323.2 km Time required Approximately 4 hours 30 minutes

※During the summer holidays, etc., in order to avoid traffic jams around Karuizawa, it is smooth if you come by the following route.

In case of Tokyo, please get off at “Matsuida Myoshi IC” one before Usui Karuizawa IC, “Sakuhei PA smart IC” one ahead.
In case of from Nagano area, please get off at “Komoro IC, Saku IC, Sakuhei PA Smart IC”.
By Train, Shinkansen
・Distance from Tokyo 146.8 km Time required Approximately 1 hour 13 minutes
・Distance 703.2 km from Osaka Time required 4 hours 17 minutes
・Distance from Kanazawa 303.7 km Time required Approximately 1 hour 44 minutes

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