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Vacation home "One stop service"

We sell and it is not the real estate agent at the end.

“In order to maximize the asset management efficiency of the condominium owner, I would like to provide detailed support with one stop”That is our wish.

We offer the following services cheaply.

Villa management work Click here for details

○ Management of simple accommodation · private housing villa · linen · pest control etc. Click here for details

○ Operation agency business of simple residence · private accommodation · condominium villa Click here for details

○ Karuizawa water supply designation service provider registered ・Draining, opening, watering construction Click here for details

○ 東京海上日動 損害保険代理店業務 Click here for details

○ Exterior work · exterior · garden construction 

   Click here for details→ ・Carcera tile exterior work

Other services

・Firewood delivery ・Cross-reinforcement, exterior wall construction
・Electrical construction ・Ventilation · Door lock · Cleaning
・Tree trees in the garden · Sweeping leaves ・Periodic inspection and maintenance
・Futon drying ・Villa information · door lock
・Security service ・Shopping agency
・Safety management of property and surrounding environment ・Heating on before coming to the villa in winter

In addition to the above, we will respond to every need of the owner in full in order to further improve the asset value of owned real estate. Please feel free to contact us first.

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